On-Premise or Cloud electronic signatures by SigningServices

We are proud to announce the start of our partnership with Digital Mind, provider of SigningServices, one platform for all e-identification, e-signing and e-sealing needs.

SigningServices is an API platform to enhance your company’s e-channels and internal systems with user identification, e-signing and e-sealing capabilities. It solves integration and implementation complexity for developers and users to provide compliant and secure digital transactions.

We want to very strongly emphasize that the SigningServices solution is also a ready-to-deploy platform for signing and sealing documents both entirely in the On-Premis customer infrastructure and in the Cloud. Additionally, the SigningServices solution is open to integration with any authentication provider and advanced or qualified electronic signatures and seals. It is these features and the flexibility of a solution where no documents leave the secure internal network that makes it unique.

Signing Services provides an integration module with OpenText Content Suite, allowing documents to be signed directly from an electronic folder.

While being digitalization experts and paperless work evangelists for more than a decade, SigningServices have created a unique product which is your missing piece of puzzle for transitioning to a fully digital business. As a result, SigningServices product makes user authentication, exchange of qualified signatures and integration of e-sealing as easy as never before. 

SigningServices come from Estonia (E-stonia), digitally the most advanced country in the world. Unquestionably, SigningServices is the No1 choice for leading organizations in our region. SigningServices have proven the technology and business mode; in different countries and are taking the next step in global expansion.

OpenText Content Suite is the best and most feature-rich ECM solution in the world. What makes this solution unique is its best in-class scalability, out-of-the-box integrations with leading business solutions (SAP, Salesforce, Microsoft, Amazon, Google…) and most importantly the completeness of the solution (ECM, CCM – Customer Communications Management, Cloud…).

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