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Installation and configuration

Our team consists of qualified and certified ECM (Enterprise Content Management) installation and configuration specialists whose expertise lies primarily in the OpenText ECM platform. Likewise, we perform installations and configurations of CONTMAN DirectorSigningServicesAutenti and WEBCON BPS software.  We implement ECM systems starting from the preparation of operating systems, installation of necessary components and configuration, both On-Premise and Cloud.

As part of the ECM On-Premise installation and configuration we are able to adapt to your requirements in terms of your choice of servers, operating systems, databases, backups or high availability. Of course if there is such a need we can provide advice and analysis of the current infrastructure of the customer.

For ECM Cloud installations, we support projects on Amazon AWS, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure in the location of your choice. We adapt to the client’s existing environment. If necessary, we also build solutions from scratch. We always offer experience and advice. We have very extensive experience in installing and configuring systems in the Software as Service model.

Our ECM installation and configuration specialists support our customers in both standard and Docker and Kubernetes-based deployments. Above all, we attach importance to the efficiency and scalability of the installed solutions. As much as we can, we use our 20+ years of experience in some of the largest organizations.

We know very well that the biggest problem in the implementation of complex IT systems is access to professional specialists. Opportunities for direct support are undoubtedly limited, and access to ECM installation and configuration specialists is not satisfactory. We are trying to fill that gap. Our ECM installation and configuration services are based on competence, methodology, experience and direct, personalized contact.

We also help our clients when they need to extend their ECM platform or obtain the necessary licenses.


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