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CONTMAN is a Polish company operating on the European market for over 22 years, providing software for scanning, electronic processing and electronic signing of documents, under the common name CONTMAN Director.

CONTMAN Director has been successfully implemented in many sectors of the economy, such as financial institutions including banks and insurers, telecommunications, media, transportation, logistics, distribution, manufacturing, FMCG, and the public sector.

CONTMAN Professional Services team, based on CONTMAN solutions, has performed some of the largest implementations of electronic document management solutions in Poland (1.2 billion documents, 15 thousand online users). He has advised and implemented the optimization of electronic document signing processes for more than 500 sales representatives.

The basic modules of CONTMAN Director are CONTMAN Document Processing, CONTMAN Archive and CONTMAN Digital Signature.

CONTMAN Document Processing is used for electronic processing (scanning) of paper documents and importing electronic documents. During scanning the documents are processed into electronic format, enhanced by removing impurities, straightening and deleting empty pages of documents. Modern mechanisms of describing documents with metadata, such as barcode reading, OCR (optical character recognition), or validation in databases are supported. The application is designed for multi-user document processing, with support for a full range of scanners. It can be integrated with any OCR engines enabling intelligent content recognition. The module has an open API for building dedicated modules and performing integration with external data sources. The software enables publication of documents and metadata in various repositories, such as CONTMAN Archive or OpenText Content Suite.

CONTMAN Archive is a module of electronic document archive, thanks to which you can safely store electronic documents, quickly find necessary information and have access to them from any place. All electronic documents are available in one place and access to them is possible only for authorized users. CONTMAN Archive provides advanced methods of retention, anonymization of electronic documents and can store them on so called permanent media. The solution is extremely intuitive, and thanks to full support for different language versions it is used in many international organizations. Thanks to professionally designed and provided integration interfaces, any integration with other applications and data buses is possible.

CONTMAN Digital Signature enables remote signing of documents (e.g. contracts in commercial and business trade) with advanced or qualified signature and affixing their electronic seal and digital time stamp in accordance with the Regulation (EU) No 910/2014 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 23 July 2014 on electronic identification and trust services for electronic transactions in the internal market. The software makes it possible to digitize the entire workflow process, starting from the preparation of the content and generation of the document in the final PDF format, through its electronic signature, then making it available to the parties involved and archiving the signed documents in an electronic archive. Under European law, all types of electronic signatures are valid, regardless of whether they are accompanied by a qualified certificate (Article 25(1) of the eIDAS Regulation). Qualified electronic signatures, however, have the effect of a handwritten signature (Article 25(2) of the eIDAS Regulation). CONTMAN Digital Signature is built on the basis of integration with the Autenti platform.

CONTMAN also provides Wacom based biometric document signing solutions for both mobile and desktop applications. The biometric signature, in addition to the image of the handwritten signature itself, contains data about the pressure of the pen, the speed of signing.

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