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SigningServices by Digital Mind

Digital Mind is an expert in digitization and an evangelist for paperless work for over a decade, they have created a unique product that is the building block for trust services integration to move to a completely digital business. SigningServices makes user integration of authentication with e-identities, e-signing and signatures collection as well as e-sealing and time-stamping as easy as ever.

SigningServices comes from Estonia (E-stonia), the most digitally advanced country in the world. Within months of its launch, it became the number one choice for leading organizations in its region.

CONTMAN Professional Services is a partner of Digital Mind in the area of electronic signing of documents, simple, advanced and qualified signatures. SigningServices solutions provides the ability to integrate with any provider of identity authentication, qualified signatures, e-seals and time-stamps in the European market and beyond.

SigningServices is a platform to easily enhance company’s IT systems and infrastructure with digital trust services capabilities. It solves the integration and implementation complexity for developers and users to provide compliant and secure digital transactions.

SigningServices features:

  • Standard connectors for popular information management platforms – Microsoft SharePoint Online, Microsoft Teams, OneDrive, OpenText Content Suite, DocuWare, Azure BlobStore, Electronic File System and others have standard connectors for user actions and/or document archiving. Using these connectors, users have a new feature in the function menu / bar to intuitively start e-signing and collecting signatures right from the system they are used to work with. No more manual handling of documents across applications to get them signed or to validate their signatures;
  • Automated archiving – documents are processed in accordance with the native features (versioning, audits, permissions, search etc.) of the respective platform so that you can focus on the business logic and added value. User actions are automated, thus increasing efficiency and cutting mishandling errors and associated risks;
  • Collect signatures from external users – SigningServices allows you to collect signatures from external users such as business partners, to-be colleagues, shareholders, council members, etc. Either user-initiated from an intuitive form or right from a leading application, passing signers information via API or URL;
  • Adjustable visual identity – inviting external users to sign documents? Provide a familiar user experience by adjusting the application to your brand identity;
  • Secure sharing to external signers – solution is designed to provide totally secure document sharing to users outside your firewalls. Several protection layers and options available for different system and infrastructure architectures;
  • Automated validation – don’t worry about technical details such as signature formats or certificate validation – SigningServices “engine” does the work for you;
  • Reminders and prompts – a new signature is added, a signing or download deadline is approaching or other events – the involved parties are informed via e-mail not to lose sight of what’s important;
  • Security and long-term validity (LTV) – all signatures include the certificate validation results and are supported by qualified timestamps to ensure protection against backdating and forgery. Timestamps also ensure that e-signatures will stay valid for years to come and will be legally valid no matter the circumstances.

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