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WEBCON is a manufacturer of Enterprise Low-Code Application Platform software and a leader among providers of electronic document workflow systems.

For over a decade WEBCON has been consistently developing one product, WEBCON BPS platform, which enables building customized applications supporting business processes. With its unique architecture, powerful functional capabilities and continuous development, the software is now used by companies setting standards in their industries around the world.

WEBCON BPS is used to automate business processes, electronic workflows and code-free process management.

The unique InstantChange™ technology gives WEBCON BPS an advantage over traditional BPM (Business Process Management) systems. Going beyond the stage of initial implementation, it enables application developers to deliver and develop their applications also when business assumptions are uncertain or subject to constant change.

As a low-code platform for business process automation, WEBCON BPS enables efficient, future-proof handling of all business processes, both essential and supportive.

The WEBCON BPS platform provides a proprietary state workflow engine, model-driven forms, a powerful business rules engine, advanced integration capabilities and a wide range of built-in features that can meet thousands of diverse business needs.

WEBCON BPS was designed to be the only platform for managing and automating business processes that your organization needs. The system allows you to build solutions whose integration with existing key systems (such as ERP, CRM) is extremely easy.

What are the benefits of such a solution? One digital workplace for end users. One set of skills needed to maintain and deliver business process management and automation applications.

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