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Autenti e-signature for OpenText

The Autenti e-signature integration module for the OpenText Content Suite is provided by CONTMAN Professional Services.

With the Autenti e-signature for OpenText module, we sign documents archived in the OpenText Content Suite in the Autenti public cloud. We use advanced e-signatures, qualified e-signatures, electronic seals and timestamps to sign documents. Furthermore, after signing in the Autenti cloud, we archive the documents as a last version in OpenText.

Autenti e-signature for OpenText module is the result of our many years of experience with the implementation of electronic signatures in ECM platforms. We provide the possibility to digitize the entire document workflow process. Firstly, we start by preparing the content and generating a PDF document. We then electronically sign in the Autenti cloud platform and make it available to the parties involved. Finally, we archive the files in the OpenText Content Suite.

Autenti e-signature for OpenText also allows you to sign a document on demand. This is accomplished in an electronic folder by selecting the document and submitting it for signature.

Technologically, Autenti e-signature for OpenText is a module, uploaded and installed using standard OpenText Content Suite methods. Once this process is complete, we display an additional electronic signature option to users in the menu. We perform the entire contract signing process on Autenti cloud platform. The solution allows you to define participants, provide electronic signatures and communicates via email and SMS.

In addition, Autenti e-signature for OpenText module allows you to sign the document from your personal computer (any browser) or in a universal mobile app (iOS or Android).

About Autenti and OpenText

Autenti is a cloud-based platform for document authorization and contracting over the Internet. It combines an electronic signature, innovative technology and a legal environment based on European regulations (eIDAS). It is one of the few solutions of this type in Europe.

Autenti simplifies and shortens to the necessary minimum the process of signing documents (minutes, at the most hours to close the transaction instead of days) and reduces costs connected with their preparation and sending by traditional methods – post or courier (guaranteed savings exceed 50%). By reducing the use of paper in business operations it is also an environmentally friendly solution. The platform guarantees its clients full support in the e-transaction process. Starting with sending the document, through e-identification, e-delivery, electronic signature resulting in a certificate. Certainly, data encryption guarantees the highest level of security and trust. Autenti e-signature for OpenText makes great use of these features.

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